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The Point of Sailing crew

  • Sven Christensen
    Tel: +49 431 80098 11
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    Sven Christensen live and studied in Flensburg. After more than ten years at Point of Sailing he went into self-employment in 2011. 2015 came the re-entry at the agency of the Kieler Yacht-Club, which he heads since. He himself is an avid regatta sailor..

  • Lea Witt
    Tel: +49 431 80098 14
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    Lea Witt studied business psycholgy and joined the crew in 2017. She is in charge for marketing and event organisation. Sailing is her passion since childhood.


  • Andreas Knauss
    Tel: +49 431 80098 12
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    Andreas Knauss joined the Point of Sailing crew in 2014. He has a degree in sports sciences and is a water sports enthusiast. As the creative brain of PoS, Andreas is responsible for layout and design solutions. He has already worked in sports and event marketing as a student.

  • Greta Siuts
    Tel: +49 431 80098 10
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    Greta Siuts joined the Point of Sailing team in October 2016 to work in marketing and organisation. She has a dregree in tourism economy and started with an intership at Point of Sailing in summer 2016.

  • Felix Weidling
    Tel: +49 431 850 23
    E-Mail to KYC Regatta

    Felix Weidling, born and bred in Kiel, was an active regatta sailor before he joined the Point of Sailing Team in 2009. The former estate agent contributes a wealth of experience in various dinghy, skiff and big boat classes as well as race management.

  • Kari Soennichsen
    Tel: +49 431 800 98 15
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    Kari Sönnichsen climbed on board in October 2017 : the globetrotter grew up in North America and has scientific roots, having studied neuroscience and wild animal biology in Canada and the UK. Kari concomitantly gained experience in sports management and organization, working for both the Canadian and German Football Association as visiting team host as well as team assistant. Now, she is responsible for event and regatta organization, as well as assisting with social media.


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