Point of Sailing Marketing GmbH

Our events and marketing rights

100-per cent owned by Kieler Yacht-Club, Point of Sailing holds the marketing rights of all Kieler Yacht-Club regattas, including Kieler Woche, the world’s biggest sailing regatta, the  Young Europeans Sailing, Europe’s biggest youth sailing event, and a number of world and European championships as well as other top-class sailing events.

We will be happy to help you tailor a customized concept which will set your company in scene at one of our events. The range of our services includes classic advertising in the notices of race, sailing instructions, race programmes, as well as bow stickers, mark brandings, or placing your company logo on the regatta website, incorporating your company in live TV reports (e.g. on Kieler Woche.TV channel) and the social media activities of the various events right on to tailored social programmes for your customers and business partners. We can also offer you product promotion and sales opportunities on site in event lounges and sponsor miles.

Let the positive image of sailing work towards your company goals – come on board with us!