Point of Sailing Marketing GmbH

Special events

Host your Company or Business Cup

In cooperation with Kieler Yacht-Club, Point of Sailing creates your Company or Business Cup, a tailor-made regatta event. We offer the full service from planning, implementing and promoting your regatta event for the participants of your choice

Experienced Kieler Woche race managers will ensure a professional set-up on the water, Point of Sailing will create the perfect social programme – from welcome to catering and prize-giving. Depending on your ideas and resources, we will work in partnership with you and guarantee professional service at all times. We can also offer suitable yachts including skipper, crew and accompayning boats.



A good example is the Norddeutsche Immobilienregatta (NoIR) on Kiel Fjord in 2010.





Please contact Sven Christensen.