Point of Sailing Marketing GmbH

Boat Park

You will sail on different yacht types like the super-fast IMX 40 or Salona 40, noble Dufour 38 and Delphia 40 or comfortable offshore yacht X562. People who prefer the sportive way will sail on Mantra 28 yachts or J/70s.


Depending on your preferences, you have the opportunity of setting sail on different yachts:

  • Super-fast J/70 yachts (max. 6 yachts à 3-4 guests)
  • Sporty Mantra 28 (max. 6 yachts à 4 guests)
  • Larger  yachts (IMX 40, Salona 40, Durfour 38, Delphia 40, 5 guests in each case)
  • Racer-Cruiser Yacht (for example X 562, max. 12 persons)


Please contact Sven Christensen.